Imagine living in an extravagant way with luxury that is so much opulent that you will feel like a king living in his castle in a space-crunch city like Mumbai. Well, it may sound like a hypothetical story to you, but Nahar Group has carved such a space for you in their usual residential projects in Andheri, Mumbai which are so lavish that we aptly call these Villaments. According to Merriam Webster, a Villa is a detached or semidetached urban residence luxury apartment with yard and garden space which is a symbol of luxury, comfort, stylish, and modern lifestyle, where all the facilities are available under the roof. The lavishness of these villas will not only surprised you, but get you awestruck when you visited them. They are available for preview. The Villaments, inside which a few masterpieces of art adorn every room, are nameplate of your life that spells – private and exclusive!

The Dining and the living Area is designed to make your living an enjoyable experience. Furnished with international style interiors like Bali, Victorian, Vintage, etc., your spacious living room exudes a sense of grandness at the first sight. Moreover, the surrounding green views add to its glory and its high-quality concealed electrical wiring and adequate electrical points ensure a sleek finishing of all its rooms. In short, these villas make a perfect mix of palatial and contemporary living.

The Guest Room is a room which is a visual treat for your guests who will take nothing, but a lasting memory of their stay here, when they go back. The Master Bedroom is designed to give you the warmth of the home that will take care of your comfort after a hard day of work.

The Kids’ Room is designed to inculcate a sense of exclusivity in children who will certainly enjoy the look and feel of the interior of a vintage ship; the interiors of this room have been carefully designed for the safety and the comfort of the child. With a design like this, a child can nurture all their creativity and imagination. It also encourages kids to both play and study.

The Private Garden with a cabana in your Villa will be the envy of others. So whilst you enjoy the view, you also have an ideal environment to express your romantic side to your loved ones. To follow it up, you also have a dining table in the garden where you can enjoy an open-air candlelight dinner. You can count on the spectacular statues and artefacts, lotus pond and the pretty little pebbles to create the perfect ambience for you.

The Opulence of 4 BR Villaments comes with your very own private garden where life is one big celebration. This prime residential occupancy in Andheri, Mumbai is well designed with 4 BR Villaments. Be it musical barbecue parties or sipping the misty morning tea amidst chirping birds, it’s a dream life full of picture-perfect memories. Besides the private space, the garden offers a vista of a lush green landscaped vehicle free podium which boasts of being one of the largest in the country. Well, you may feel spoilt for choice, as each fully furnished Villament is inspired by international styling and reeks of top-of-the-line internal amenities. Complimented by chandeliers, a modular kitchen, premium wooden flooring and add to these a few masterpieces of art that adorn every room.