Nahar Group International School

The Nahar International School

The Nahar International School is a venture of the Sukhraj B. Nahar Charitable Trust headed by Mr. Sukhraj Nahar, CMD, Nahar Group. The Nahar School is an eight-storey structure with two basements and a ground floor. The school is furnished and equipped with workshops, science labs, computer studios, a large library, conference rooms, an auditorium, an audio-visual room and a large playground.

Overall The Nahar School is designed based on the concept of ‘Small Learning Communities’ (SLC) wherein each section of the school is housed in a space which is self-contained, so that a majority of the time of students is spent around their same age group. The school, while establishing a student-centric environment, maintains the high standards laid by the promoters for bringing a holistic development in children- which includes adherence to values in education, and nurturing them to become caring, competent and contributing members of society. A combination of extracurricular activities to foster co-operative learning, stimulating critical thinking and a commitment to excellence permits students to achieve success in higher education, as well as in their careers. Creating an environment that reflects secularism and respects religious diversity is core to the Nahar school ethos.