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Balinese Magic

By Manju Yagnik

Manju Yagnik, vice chairperson of Nahar Group, designs villaments comprising of international designs. Styled with the Balinese theme, the villaments offer modern amenities, depicting luxury to the core.
1. Sophisticated elements of west and exotic east have been used to set off the Balinese style.

2. Oriental motifs like serene Buddhist carvings found throughout the space go hand-in- hand with the décor and theme of the house.
3. Hardwood flooring used in this space gives a natural touch to the living area.
4. Dining table with extensive carvings and chandelier with contemporary design add vigor to the space.
5. Natural fabrics, intricate motifs that depict Balinese culture give a Balinese flavour to the master bedroom.
6. Rich brocades of cushion covers and curtains add splendid charm to the master bedroom.
7. In continuation with the natural element used throughout the space, hardwood flooring has been used in the kid’s room as well.

Balinese Magic Balinese Magic
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