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Children Lead In Celebrating Green Diwali In Mumbai Township

Oct 23, 2017, 15:02 IST | mid-day online correspondent

In a bid to celebrate a cleaner Diwali, young children from Mumbai’s residential complex took an initiative called #iPledge for Green Diwali.

This initiative gas been fronted by the children of the township to educate and spread awareness amongst the younger generation.

Led by the children of the Nahar Amritshakti, the entire society marched with placards with a message on it and self-illuminating tree in the hand to pledge against bursting crackers to celebrate Diwali to curb noise and air pollution. With air quality deteriorating across the country especially in the capital, the government has imposed a ban on crackers in Delhi.

When asked about how one #ipledge initiative can make a difference, the residents said that every drop in the ocean counts and charity definitely begins at home! They hope to inspire the other societies around them.

Rupal Boke, Resident said “We wish to not just spread awareness in our locality but also wish to educate the city and start a green revolution across for a better tomorrow.”

Shambhavi Chhugani, a resident stated “The initiative was not just an innovative in its approach but it also brought people of all ages together for a cause which is synonymous with the spirit and festivity of Diwali. “

Young student Pari Boke said, “They teach us in school that it is important to conserve the environment, but here we practically get to participate in conservation activities. The whole society got together and pledged to celebrate a green Diwali, I feel that is one step in the right direction.”

Publication / Article Source: Mid Day

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