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#SheInspires: Manju Yagnik, Vice Chairperson, Nahar Group

99acres Bureau March 8, 2017

Their actions have inspired others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more. This Women’s Day, 99acres celebrates women who have shown the courage to emerge as leaders in male-dominated industries. Here’s to STRONG Women. May we Know them, May we Be them, May we Raise them!

When and how did you venture into your current field?

After completing my graduation from Kurukshetra University, I used my skills in a profession that was challenging but yet matched my passion. I have been associated with Nahar Group for over two decades. I entered the real estate industry when it was known to be an unorganised sector and a worthwhile challenge. I saw opportunities for growth in this industry and it had a great potential. Having an eye for detailing, quality and considering the complexity and precision required in this field, I found it very challenging to bring aesthetics out from brick and mortar. It also involved a lot of creativity and dealing with people in various fields which I still enjoy.


What/who was your inspiration?

Inspiration is just not defined to a person for me, it comes to be in every form of life. I definitely find inspiration for my daily circumstances, meetings that help me grow further.


Were you discouraged in your initial years of growth because you were a ‘woman’?

Personally, I have not quite faced any stereotypes. In fact, I had an advantage when I chose an unconventional career option like real estate.


What other challenges did you face as a woman?

The Indian real estate industry was once largely male-dominated, but today many large developer groups, real estate-focused lending institutions and private equity firms now have women in senior roles. Today, women in leadership roles bring an extra measure of multi-tasking, empathy, acumen, assertiveness and determination to succeed in a real estate business. Women are coming out from the comfort of their homes and are entering the corporate arena in large numbers which assists them in dealing with their anxieties and being a lot more practical. Life in real estate is full of challenges and deadlines from the stage of approvals to completion of the project. One has to deal with multiple stakeholders at each stage, so setbacks, obstacles alongside failures are part of the game because it involves various layers and a number of people. If you ask me how I deal with these, I would say I deal with them and most often succeed.


Do you think the society, especially in your industry, still prefer men over women?

There is no place in our society where women do not face any stereotypes, but I must say empowerment today is the name of the game. We have passed that era where we witnessed gender discrimination. The number of growing female entrepreneurs will prove to the world that their gender does not make them any less than the rest of the world.


Are you taking any conscious steps to battle gender bias in your field/organization? As a company, do you have any pro-women policies?

The best way to battle gender bias in my opinion is to remain gender neutral. We work purely on basis of merit.


How is your company coping with the current issues the real estate sector is facing?

Most of our projects start after being pre-approved to avoid any hassles at a later stage, hence we are not facing any issues.


Do you want to share a message to the budding women entrepreneurs out there?

Every budding professional today is already equipped with the best of technology. As a young woman, she simply needs to identify her skills, align aspirations with passion and persevere towards her chosen goals. Let your merit and hard work be your stepping stones towards success.

Article Source: 99acres