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Why Nature Is An Important Amenity?

First time home buyers or individuals buying a home for investments, the very first thing, or rather a significant need a buyer looks for is open spaces and lifestyle amenities. Home buyers have evolved and are looking for an abode that’s beyond just Square Feet. Ample spaces for greenery and well-equipped amenities top the buyer’s chart when they start hunting for a new house.

With changing time, the need and demand of the home buyers have also transformed. For years, the focus was inclined towards:

  • Builders & Developers’ credibility
  • Location of the project
  • Price of the property

As people progress and understand the importance of amenities in the housing society, the demand for the need to have basic and luxury amenities have increased. Real estate projects are now being constructed with Swimming Pool, Kids Play Area, Gymnasium, Green Lawn along with the other facilities.

The world is elevating and so are hectic work schedules. With such a demanding lifestyle it is difficult for people to take out extra time and visit clubhouse or any other activity centre for rejuvenation. Moreover, with traffic congestion and ever-increasing pollution level, home buyers choose a home that has all the comforts & conveniences within the premises. Thereby spending more time with family & friends and less time on traffic & travelling.

Residential Project in Mumbai

“Majority of people are now focusing on living close to nature, as it has its own diverse benefits”

Nature for all

Lawn or garden within the premises invites individuals of all age groups. Be it for kids to play in the park or for senior citizens to enjoy leisure time walking around the garden. There’s nothing better than Nature therapy.

Health Benefits

Connecting with nature makes everyone a healthier and happier person. It not only benefits emotional well-being but also improves physical wellness.

  • Reduces stress
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces anger
  • Controls blood pressure

Connecting with nature makes everyonea healthier andhappier person. It not only benefits emotional well-being but also improves physical wellness.

Spreads Positivity

When you are surrounded by the city’s crowd and noise, nothing is more soothing than coming to a peaceful and breezy place called home. Nature is the biggest storage of positive energy which helps in reducing stress and releases energy that helps you to stay calm even in this busy city life.

Leisure Amenities within the premises

Amenities like swimming pool, kids play area, separate space for indoor games and ample garden spaces are some of the common yet essential amenities that buyers need to look for before buying a house.

“Luxury is all about ample open spaces for greenery”

  • Manali Agnihotri – A resident of Nahar’s Amrit Shakti

Also, the government has passed a strict rule where the developers have to allot a said percentage of land for open spaces. As the city grows, population, pollution & traffic also increases. In today’s busy city life, home buyers choose a lifestyle that focuses on leisure activities and has ample open green spaces.


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