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Health & Medical

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Animal Welfare

Community Services

Primary Schools
Pre-primary School
Science Laboratory
Shantidevi Babulal Vidhyalay
Primary Section School in interior
Computer laboratory

Established 7 primary schools in rural areas of Rajasthan.

Established a mobile creche and a pre-primary school for the children of workers

Constructed Science laboratory for Vidyawadi Girls School, in Falna, Pali Zilla.

Constructed Shantidevi Babulal Vidhyalay for primary section in Rajasthan

Constructed Primary Section School in interior tehsil villages like Kuka, Mindawas, Narta of Rajasthan

Constructed computer laboratory for Lachu Memorial College of Science in Jodhpur.

Campaign against Female feticide
Aids Awareness Campaign
Medical Camps
Ambulance Services
Medical Research Centers
Blood Bank
Orthopaedic Hospital
S. B. Nahar Charitable hospital

Nahar Group was the first corporate entity to initiate and support a campaign against such heinous activity .The Group stepped in to communicate the relevant messages and to educate general public.

Reaffirming its commitment to be a responsible corporate citizen, the Group extended its support to Aids Awareness Campaign initiated by Mukti, a NGO which has dedicated itself to educate people on this subject.

100 medical camps in Rajasthan during flood in the year 1992.

Free ambulance services at Bhinmal & Mumbai.

Medical Research Centers in Bhinmal and Ahmedabad

Blood bank in government hospital Jalore & Sirohi, Rajasthan.

Orthopaedic Hospital Building in Rajasthan Hospital in Ahmedabad.

S. B. Nahar Charitable hospital & 80 Bed Multi Speciality Hospital in Bhinmal , Rajasthan.

Mumbai Rains and Floods
Flood in Rajasthan.
Covid-19 Pandemic
Nahar Awards

Valuable assistance to those affected by the unprecedented rains and floods in Mumbai on 26/27th July 2005

Distributed Chara in 120 Village for 2 to 3 years during Drought in year 1980 to 1990. Also distributed food at discounted price.

Distributed 1000 food packets and clothes during 1992 flood in Rajasthan.

Nahar Charitable Trust distributed free food to laborers and essential wage workers in the Chandivali region during the government imposed lockdown due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Instituted the prestigious Nahar Awards that are conferred upon those who have displayed excellence in varied fields such as sports, education, healthcare, literature etc.

Blood Bank
Free medical Camp

S. B. Nahar Charitable Trust built a Blood Bank at Sirohi and Jalore Government Hospital thereby bringing relief to thousands in need of blood in an emergency.

Free medical camps have been organized by S. B. Nahar Charitable Trust on many occasions. Thousands of patients have benefitted from these camps by getting free treatment, medicine and free testing for diseases.

Reconstruction of Chaurahas
Mahavir International Convention
Vikas Bhawan
Drinking Water facilities

Constructed Saraswati Temple in Bhinmal

Reconstruction of Chaurahas & Installed many statues in Bhinmal

Sponsored / organised Mahavir International Convention in Bhinmal

Constructed Vikas Bhawan for education and entertainment activities for villagers.

Drinking water facilities installed in Bhinmal village

Sponsored Bhinmal Gaushalla having more than 1000 cows for 5 years

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